Who likes stickers?

Fluffyshotme Sticker for my Sweden Trip

Business Cards or a Sticker?

Recently while planning to a trip to Sweden, I ran across an ad for stickers. I started thinking to myself, “Who doesn’t like stickers?” So I decided to design a sticker for the trip and hand them out along the way in addition to my business cards.

This gave way to a fun experiment – Asking people if they would prefer a business card or a sticker. I’ll get to that in a minute.

The Design

If you noticed on the picture above, the sticker I had made has a QR code integrated into it. This QR code is scannable by most smart phones and using a QR code, you can add whatever information you would like to it. In my case, I chose to include a direct link to my website in order to maximize my web traffic.

I used a site called The QR Code Generator to create my QR code. You simply input the information that you want coded and it gives you an image to download. I inserted this into my sticker and voila! I had a scannable QR code for my sticker.

Ordering Stickers

While I started to look around online for places to make my sticker and there are a bunch of companies out there. I ended up choosing StickerGiant because their prices and production times were in line with what I was looking for.

I uploaded my artwork to StickerGiant and the next day, they sent me a proof. Within days of approving my proof, I had my stickers in hand. I couldn’t have been happier with the service and quality from StickerGiant.

The Experiment

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to experiment with the question “Would you like a business card or a sticker?” during my travels. The response was overwhelming, everyone loves stickers. I would say 80% of the time, I was asked if they could have more than one for a friend or another place they wanted to put it.

My sticker being applied to a van in Sweden


  • While I think Business Cards are still a standard, stickers get a better response
  • I guesstimated that I would need about 150 stickers for my trip; in retrospect, I should have taken 500 stickers
  • Moving forward, I will be ordering stickers for my big photography trips, they are just super handy

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