Buffalo Bayou Shoot with BAC Photography and Design

Houston Across the Bayou

By David Morefield


Last night, I met up with a photography group that I enjoy hanging out with BAC Photography and Design Photography Club. The group was started by the founder of BAC Photography and Design, Brandon Campbell. The group is open to anyone who wants to join for some shutter time and then typically some sort of tasty food afterwards.

Last night’s outing took us towards downtown Houston along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou. There are some great views of the city’s skyline from that angle and of course, shooting with others is always fun. We started by the Joe Jamail Jr. Skatepark and then migrated towards the Theater District of Downtown Houston. Through this group, I have met quite a few like minded folks who all share a passion for photography. Along with the enjoyable experience of going out on a cool night without mosquitoes, we enjoyed jokes and other conversation. It’s like a mini-vacation really.

Aside from the social aspect, it is group settings like this one that I like to talk to others and get ideas about what I want to shoot, what techniques I would like to try, gain valuable critique on my own marketing efforts, etc… If you are a photographer and you have a group like this near you, regardless of your skill level, I would recommend hanging out and sharing with the group. The way I see it, “Sometimes a teacher, always a student.”

Of course, I was very excited to see another Nikon shooter last night. Most of the group are Canon shooters, so the age-old debate continues. Once we had reach the footbridge that crosses Buffalo Bayou and into Downtown Houston, I was delighted to see the view that the vantage point offered. The buildings, water, bridge and stars all came into frame giving me a shot that I really liked. What is funny is that I have shot around this location several times, but never had ventured this far down the path. Again, had it not been for the group outing, I may not have shot this location for quite some time to come.

After we had concluded our photoshoot, we left to have dinner at Torchy’s Tacos on Shephard. It was not the regular kind of tacos that I am used to eating from my trusted taco truck down the street, but it was nice to try something a little different. At the end of the night I had made some new friends, spawned some new ideas and got some great shots in the process. That is part of the joy of photography.

Where will I be shooting next time? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. As a teaser, I will let you know that I am planning a trip in the next couple of months and I expect to get some awesome shots, but I am not going to announce where it will be just yet.



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