WordCamp San Antonio 2015

 By David Morefield The "Four Amigos" rode again when we went to San Antonio for WordCamp San Antonio 2015. Of course, being that Jeremy Mancuso, Andy Crawford, Tim Stanley and myself were all together; this meant that cameras and late nights were … [Read more]

New York City Photoshoot

    By David Morefield Recently, I received an invitation from a good friend of mine at Casual Films to come to New York City and shoot the town. Given the timing of the invitation, I decided to take my son and make it a father-son … [Read more]

5 Tips for Planning a Photography Trip

By David Morefield  1. Make a List of Locations to shoot on your Photography Trip When planning a photography trip, I like to make a list of locations (complete with addresses) that I would like to shoot in advance of my trip. This saves time and … [Read more]

How did you Learn Lightroom?

By David Morefield One of the most common questions that I get asked by beginning photographers is, "What do you use to edit your photos?" I use Lightroom and Photoshop. The best way that I can explain the difference is that Lightroom is my General … [Read more]