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Alabama Constitution Village

By David Morefield While visiting Huntsville, Alabama for a family reunion, my son and I visited the Alabama Consitution Village. The Alabama Constitution Village was great! I had no idea that the State of Alabama’s Constitution was signed in Huntsville, Alabama back in 1819 in order to organize the State of Alabama as the 22nd state […]


Gates Auto Repair

 By David Morefield I recently traveled to Huntsville, Alabama for a family reunion and I took the opportunity to take some pictures around the area. One of the places that I shot was at Gates Auto Repair. Gates Auto Repair, aka “The Gates Garage”, was established in 1939 by my grandfather and is the oldest independently […]

Tobin Center for the Performing Arts San Antonio Texas

WordCamp San Antonio 2015

 By David Morefield The “Four Amigos” rode again when we went to San Antonio for WordCamp San Antonio 2015. Of course, being that Jeremy Mancuso, Andy Crawford, Tim Stanley and myself were all together; this meant that cameras and late nights were involved. We all had a great time. When we arrived in San Antonio, we […]

Flatiron Building at Night in New York City

New York City Photoshoot

    By David Morefield Recently, I received an invitation from a good friend of mine at Casual Films to come to New York City and shoot the town. Given the timing of the invitation, I decided to take my son and make it a father-son trip. This was my son’s first time to visit New […]

Triptych Prints now Available

Triptych Prints Now Available at Fluffyshotme Photography

By David Morefield  An Exciting announcement about Triptych Prints Recently, I have received inquiries about offering Triptych prints. I have read your requests and I am responding by providing some triptychs for sale in my gallery. If there is a print that I have in my gallery that is not currently available in my Triptych Prints gallery, please […]

Vietnam Wall

My Trip to Washington DC

  By David Morefield Some of you may know that my son Caleb was pretty sick when he was in the eighth grade and because of that, he missed his class trip to Washington DC.  I have a good friend that told me that she would make sure that Caleb got to see Washington DC when he […]

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I have been all over the World - Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. But, through all of my travels, the only regret that I had was that I did not have a good camera, nor the training to effectively use one at the time. When I was presented with the opportunity to go on a Holy Land tour in Israel, I knew that if I was ever going to get moving with my dreams of Photography, I would regret it if I did not ....

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Flatiron Building at Night in New York City

5 Tips for Planning a Photography Trip

By David Morefield  1. Make a List of Locations to shoot on your Photography Trip When planning a photography trip, I like to make a list of locations (complete with addresses) that I would like to shoot in advance of my trip. This saves time and eliminates downtime. If you only have a couple of days […]

Vietnam Wall

How did you Learn Lightroom?

By David Morefield One of the most common questions that I get asked by beginning photographers is, “What do you use to edit your photos?” I use Lightroom and Photoshop. The best way that I can explain the difference is that Lightroom is my General Practitioner and Photoshop is like a specialist; I really only go […]

Sunrise at Steinhagen Reservoir

5 Tips for Beginners in Landscape Photography

   By David Morefield 1. You do not have to live in some exotic location in order to produce great landscape photography that people will like and appreciate. Last year, I went to Israel and got some amazing shots. Yes, I have sold some of them, but my best selling print is of a location in […]

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